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Link reclamation is the process of identifying existing brand or website citations across the web and taking action to gain a backlink from this existing content. This tactic generally provides a more immediate return than traditional link building endeavours, as the hard work is often already done in terms of getting content about your brand on the web.

We can increase the value of this content by introducing, or fixing, a backlink, and ensuring that the backlink passes authority, trust and relevance to your website. Once you have found the various citations, there are generally 2 types of link reclamation:

Broken link reclamation

This is a process where, using several industry leading tools, Click identifies existing citations across the web that are broken and no longer direct a user to your website.
The four main reasons for a lost or broken link are as follows:

  • The author removes your link from the linking page

  • The linking page no longer exists (404 error)

  • The linking page gets (301) redirected

  • The linking page is no longer indexed in Google

Once identified, we can either contact the webmaster to fix the link on their webpage, or create a redirect so that the user (and link authority) is passed to the correct page on your site. It’s worth noting here that whilst adding in 301 redirects will restore some SEO value to the affected links, a link reclamation project is the only way to retain the full link value

Unlinked mentions

By identifying content where your brand name, website, previous campaigns and more have been included in the content of a webpage but with no referring link, an unlinked mention campaign (also known as an ‘unlinked citation’) can deliver a rapid impact on the authority and search performance of a website.

Once unlinked mentions are identified we can again directly contact webmasters and request that the mention of your brand is referenced (with a backlink supplied back to your website). Carrying out a link reclamation project is necessary any time:

  • Content is removed

  • URLs are changed

  • A website is redesigned

When it comes to performing link reclamation audits there are a wide variety of tools that you can use, but our teams will use the following most often:


This platform offers some of the best tools for helping SEOs identify broken or missing links. Using the ‘Site Explorer’ function in Ahrefs you are able to enter your domain name and then look at all lost (identified in red) backlinks. In fact, you can also see all of the new (green) backlinks in the calendar view.

In addition, it’s also possible identify the anchor text and the error that is occurring. This list is a starting point from which businesses can begin reclamation efforts.


An in-house developed tool, linkTRAX® is our outreach management platform and fills a gap in the market as a way of monitoring all of the links that our campaigns generate for clients.

A fundamental component of the tool’s function is to actively monitor links after placement, providing real-time data surrounding the quality and longevity of our campaign activity. This allows us to ensure that links do not break or disappear. By tracking previous placements, we can also ensure that each blog placement is unique for each of our clients, maximising the SEO benefit of our outreach activity.

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Our expert team of SEOs and content marketers have a wealth of experience that they bring to each link reclamation project, making sure that the brands we work with achieve the best possible results and recover the best possible proportion of unlinked and missing citations.

There are few better ways to build your credibility and search visibility than through creating original, relevant and engaging content, which is naturally shareable and creates a buzz around your brand. Whether you’re looking to work with top journalists or micro-influencers with a dedicated following, content marketing can have huge impacts on search visibility, brand recognition and, importantly, profitability.

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