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Consistently shortlisted and presented with a Drum Search Award, our ‘Bloggers Against Poverty’ digital PR campaign provided the worldwide charity brand not only results but a community committed to spreading their message

Oxfam Logo

Oxfam’s purpose is to help with the creation of lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty. Part of a global movement for change, they seek to empower people to create a future that is secure, just, and free from poverty.

Oxfam use a combination of public education, rights-based sustainable development programs, campaigns, advocacy, and humanitarian assistance in disasters and conflicts – they seek to challenge the structural causes of the injustice that is poverty, working with allies and partners locally and globally to change the world.

Oxfam Website Mock Up

In order to achieve the desired results, the digital PR campaign objectives were set as:

  • Increasing brand awareness across key demographics.
  • Positively impact page rankings across the whole ‘Unwrapped UK’ site area.
  • Increase the organic rankings for the vital ‘Charity Gifts’ search terms.
  • Create natural, high quality and shareable content.
  • Create a campaign which empowered bloggers, and make them want to be part of it.

Increasing brand awareness was achieved in a variety of ways – each of which was nested and interlinked with all of the other areas of the campaign’s aims – from outreach to and conversation with bloggers carried out on social media, to the creation of a bespoke ‘badge’ to generate links and the creation and distribution of high-definition, high quality images and informative fact-sheets to encourage the active participation of existing and newly fostered blogger communities.

As Oxfam is a globally recognised brand, assets needed to be not only of great quality, unique and compelling, but also able to blend seamlessly with existing Oxfam assets and branding strategies. It also had to be dynamic enough to be regularly updated in order to take advantage of and build upon pre-existing seasonal peaks in traffic and sentiment.

The effort was not only in seeking to build an outreach campaign, but also a community – we knew that the best results possible were always more likely to be achieved by appealing to, harnessing and directing the goodwill Oxfam has accrued throughout their 80+ years of existence, thereby enabling participating bloggers to wear their support of the campaign with pride using unique visual assets and by remaining open to any dialogue with bloggers that needed information or assets, ensuring that they were getting the right message to the right people.

It is for this reason that the campaign was awarded The Drum Search Award for ‘Best Charity/Not for Profit Campaign’, but also the reason for the fantastic results achieved overall.

In addition to fantastic coverage the campaign achieved, the following stand out results also contributed to the success of the campaign:

+ 32.73% revenue
+ 22.64% sessions
+ 27.10% transactions
+ 3.64% eCommerce conversion rate

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