Ever wondered who’s behind the scenes of our client success stories? Meet our Account Managers (AMs) – the driving force behind shaping, growing and elevating our clients’ accounts.

So, what exactly do AMs do within the digital marketing team? From adept communication and strategic planning to flawless delivery and client advocacy, AMs are indispensable in ensuring client success. They don’t just bridge the knowledge gap for clients lacking digital marketing expertise; they become true partners, delivering tailored strategies that drive business growth.

Client advocacy

We champion our clients' interests at every turn, advocating for their needs, priorities, and objectives to ensure their success and satisfaction.


Adaptability is our forte. We stay abreast of industry updates and trends, offering flexible solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Account growth

We're not just about maintaining accounts; we're dedicated to fostering growth and maximising opportunities for our clients, driving tangible results and long-term success.


Transparency and trust are at the heart of our reporting practices. We provide comprehensive and insightful reports that offer full visibility into performance metrics, ensuring our clients feel confident and informed every step of the way.

Value add

Beyond delivering results, we're committed to adding value to our clients' businesses. Whether it's through strategic insights, innovative solutions, or personalised support, we go the extra mile to exceed expectations and drive meaningful impact.

When juggling multiple campaigns and projects, there’s no room for feeling lost in the chaos of emails, calls, and meetings. So, how do we tackle this?

Our strategy hinges on transparent delivery and project management, keeping you firmly in control. Through our intuitive workflow boards, we ensure you have complete access, providing ultimate clarity over project developments. These boards act as your gateway to progress and updates, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

Here’s how our workflow approach benefits you:

  • Streamlined Project Resources: Our curated ‘Project Resources’ section provides easy access to essential workflow items, keeping everything you need at your fingertips.
  • Guided Meeting Agenda: We include a dedicated section on Meeting Actions/Questions to steer our discussions, ensuring that every meeting is purposeful and productive.
  • Clear Task Responsibilities: Each task is clearly labelled, indicating whether it’s the Account Manager, Delivery team, or client responsible for its progression, ensuring accountability and clarity.
  • Transparent Next Steps: Clients can easily identify the next tasks required to complete the workflow and their deadlines, facilitating efficient progress and timely project completion.

While clients have the autonomy to contribute and monitor progress, our dedicated Account Managers take ownership of the workflow board. Their oversight guarantees that deadlines are met and objectives are achieved, ensuring a seamless collaboration between our team and yours.


Meet our expert team of Account Managers, blending innovative thinking, flexibility, and efficient workflows to smash client goals every time.

Amy Stuart | Head of Client Services

"I keep clients informed about major Google updates like core algorithm shifts, Helpful Content updates, or spam updates, regardless of the services they receive. I monitor their visibility against competitors, track changes in Google Search Console data, and analyse website traffic using GA4. This comprehensive approach helps me provide strategic insights and identify opportunities."

Sabina Rana | Key Account Manager

“By taking a deep-dive into Analytics from time-to-time, I have spotted opportunities to enhance a client's growth potential. For example, a few random sales generated organically on Facebook, Bing, or other platforms, has told me that there are untapped opportunities in overlooked marketplaces. This has led to cross-selling services, which have now provided some of my client's strongest ROIs."

Peter Smith | Account Manager

"Continually keeping a close eye on commercial competitor activity has allowed me to identify and communicate areas of opportunity that we can capitalise on as a team. This can range from observing organic visibility or manually checking how frequently a competitor might be adding long form user focused content to their blog. Overall keeping an eye on what is happening around you can often be the formula to success.”

Jessica McLear

“Collaborating closely with clients on new brand launches, we've delivered robust ROI figures driven by our strategic implementations. During this period we’ve found opportunities for other methods that the clients have found to be fruitful for them.”

Our expert AMs will tailor a digital marketing plan that gets results. Connect with Click Consult today!

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