How we strengthened a brand, increased engagement & saw outstanding results with our social media consultancy.

Private Midwives are a private midwifery service that offer a range of antenatal and postnatal services for expectant mothers; their services range from single appointments to a full end-to-end service, and offer professional support and advice for women throughout their pregnancy and post-natal journey.

Private Midwives were facing challenges across their social media platforms, struggling to put together a consistent content schedule that drove engagement with posts and nurtured brand awareness. They were also seeking advice on how to train their staff on the type of content to post, and at what time to drive the best results.

Wanting to make a change on their social channels to see more engagement and boost brand awareness, they turned to Click Consult for social media consultancy. Click sought to advise them on social media best practice across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn, and built a detailed social content calendar for a greater understanding of what to post, and the best times to do so.

There were three main objectives to complete over the course of the social media consultancy, including:

  • Creating best practice guidelines for appropriate social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, & LinkedIn)
  • Produce a social media cheat sheet on how to use each social channel, outlining the best methods for each platform
  • Put together a 12 month content calendar that included both awareness days, and type of content to post

Following the generation of these documents, Click then relayed the information to Private Midwives in detail, including training up the team so that each individual member had the appropriate skills and knowledge to execute the strategies, increasing the likelihood of success.

Private Midwives began implementing the advice from Click’s consultancy and saw instant results. They not only saw a significant increase in post reach, engagement, and following across all social media channels, but also noticed that the type of content suggested for each channel - videos & shared links on facebook, and reels & carousels on Instagram - were amongst the most popular of their posts. In the 3 months following the start of the project, compared to the 3 months prior, we saw the following highlights:

+33.4% Increase in post reach on Facebook
+98% Increase in post reach on Instagram
+120.6% Increase in engagement on Facebook
+80.2% Increase in engagement on Instagram
+25.7% Increase in followers on Facebook
+48% Increase in followers on Instagram

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