People make an agency, that’s why we help our team members take control of their careers and recognise the contribution and successes of both individuals and teams.

  • We hold regular development meetings to help set clear career progression paths
  • We run regular social events to keep our team engaged and to provide a chance for everyone to get together.
  • Individual employees that make a exceptional contribution are eligible for our ‘Employee of the Quarter’ prize which has a £1,000 main price and prices of £750 for those that are ‘highly commended’.
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It’s common to hear laughter on entering Click HQ on office days – and this is why we maintain an office. It’s no longer a place people have to come to every day, it’s a place we get together a couple of times a week to laugh, share ideas and celebrate success. Our dress code is relaxed, and we encourage the team to be unapologetically themselves.

Click is full of talented, hardworking and friendly people and the agency has supported and nurtured teams of driven, passionate people that enjoy working together. However, we also hold regular monthly socials to give our teams something extra to look forward to, and the chance to raise a glass together – including doing something a bit special in the summer and at Christmas.

We strive to uphold the values set out in our 'Six Pillars of Success' as part of our commitment to an inclusive, passionate and ambitious workplace.

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To evaluate the market, trends, tools and techniques that will be important for the coming period, we hold strategy days for all service teams to enhance our ability to deliver results for our clients.

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The world of search and digital marketing moves at pace. To ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry, we invest in the latest and best tools to help our teams assess, research, report and create valuable content for our clients.

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Our teams are encouraged to think creatively regardless of specialism and foster interdepartmental relationships with ideation sessions that aim to help overcome problems and maximise the potential of each team and team member.

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Great relationships begin with great communication, and we believe that communication is synonymous with honesty. Through open and honest communication with team members and clients, we look to build strong and lasting relationships.

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Thought leadership

We're committed to sharing our knowledge with the wider industry and do so through whitepapers, eBooks, our presence at conference and through hosting our own Benchmark Search and Digital Marketing Conference.

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Our people are core to what we do and who we are. Our teams are made up of dedicated, passionate individuals with the ambition to be the best in their field. To repay that commitment, we invest in talent with ongoing training and development.

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While we don’t believe awards are the true indication of an agency’s status or contribution to the industry, we do think that the work our teams do to drive the success of our clients deserves recognition. As such we regularly submit examples of that work to industry awards and have been consistently won Agency of the Year awards at a host of ceremonies while being recognised in ‘best-of-industry’ lists.

We try to avoid unnecessary meetings wherever possible, but we do hold a monthly update to help keep everyone up-to-date on what’s going on throughout the business. This aims to prevent siloing, allow members of all teams to voice their ideas and opinions, and to acknowledge the great work that each team does.

We’ve worked hard to build our culture, and are always looking for ways to improve employee experience. If Click sounds like the place for you – why not check our latest job openings?

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