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Social media strategy aims to give structure to a marketing technique that can be quite chaotic if not planned – a strategy that seeks to establish specific desired outcomes, demographic targets and the schedules, platforms and tactics needed to reach them.

The strategy involves using social platforms to market your business and activate your products and services. When planned and executed well, it can help you to reach new audiences, showcase your brand and create your own identity.

No two approaches are the same with social media. What may work on one social platform may not necessarily work on others. The key to a successful strategy is understanding who your audience is, which platforms they use and how they are communicating. Using a solid foundation of research, we start to build your strategy whilst working with your brand to understand which areas need to be developed for your social voice, audiences and content to deliver the best results. Based on our research and thorough social media audit, we create a bespoke strategies designed to maximise your brand’s opportunities to reach your target demographic, encourage engagement and trust, and facilitate growth.


  • Our proposed activity for ongoing engagement, analysis and reporting.

  • Monthly social consultancy recommendations.

  • Guidelines that set out clear, consistent and effective methods of social communication appropriate to your products, brand, platforms and location (both geographically and in the market).

This strategy is designed to maximise your brand’s opportunities to reach your target demographic, encourage engagement and trust, and facilitate growth.

Posting strategy

  • Content sharing (talking to)

  • Engagement (talking with)

  • Listening

  • Building trust

  • Use of images and other media

  • Relevance

  • Triggering the target audience

  • Communication summary

Audience growth

  • Identification of the best platforms and opportunities as well as advice on optimising for these.

  • Optimisation of social channels, enabling your audience to find you on social media and using search engines.

  • Identification of appropriate groups, individuals and influencers – who to engage with and when.

  • How to maximise your use of social groups and circles.

  • Recommendations on appropriate methods of interaction for building trust and engagement.

Social media is increasingly important for any business big or small, and whether it’s the platforms we know now or those that may eventually replace them, there is likely going to be a social element to any successful marketing strategy for the foreseeable future. With our lives ever more online, and our communities moving in the same direction, we look to social media for word-of-mouth recommendations, for news and for interaction with brands we care about. Whether your brand is multinational or hyperlocal, our social media strategies can provide the following benefits and more:

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We’ve always been social – and over more than a decade have worked with brands to improve their social media presence. We believe that if you’re present on social media, then you should have a well-thought-out strategy. Our social media strategy experts are always happy to drill down and tailor the right strategy for your brand’s unique circumstances.

Social media, while often overlooked, is a key part of a brand’s online presence – it pays to ensure that you are making an effort to reach the right people with the right messaging. By using social media in the right way for your business - on the right platforms, in the right voice and at the right times - you can build a community of passionate brand ambassadors.

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