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Growing social following using a branded competition strategy.

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Truverra is a brand dedicated to providing an extensive range of natural, high-quality CBD products. The brand, originally from Canada, had just begun selling a variety of products to the UK.

Truverra has the stated ambition of untapping the untold benefits of cannabinoids in exciting new ways and strives to develop transformative cannabis products in order to improve people’s lives and wellbeing.

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As part of our social media strategy with CBD brand, Truverra, we were tasked with growing their brand awareness in the UK in particular. For that reason, our objectives during this campaign were:

  • Increase UK based social media following (with a focus on Instagram, Facebook and X [formerly Twitter])
  • Improve UK engagement while avoiding the appearance of being ‘spam’
  • Establish a relevant UK tone of voice and style of imagery

Along with the creation of bespoke weekly social plan, the creation of assets (such as images, videos, GIFs), content marketing campaigns and engagement with various queries and testimonials, we launched a timely competition to grow the follower-base specifically in the UK.

The competition was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, where many people were in lockdown, staying at home and potentially feeling anxious or worried about their health. With the CBD industry (and Truverra’s products) being linked to helping this, we thought it would be a good time to give products away as a prize, grouping the products into an “ultimate stay at home CBD kit”.

The initial success of the competition came from how timely it was, and how relatable the prize was to many people, but there were various strategies undergone by Click to enhance the reach of the competition and gain more entries.

It was important to be proactive through the course of the competition, rather than just letting it run and hoping for the best. Therefore, throughout the week, on behalf of the client, we targeted a variety of UK competition and wellness groups on Facebook to promote the competition to the desired target audience. This was staggered to ensure the promotions did not look spammy or repetitive, researching the tone of voice of conversations in each group to feel part of it and to be trustworthy.

On X (formerly Twitter), we posted using various hashtags that are popular for competitions, such as #FreebieFriday and #WinItWednesday, researching the best times to post these hashtags to help ensure more entries. On Instagram we continued to promote the competition on Instagram Stories, by creating bespoke imagery keeping it fresh, alongside appropriate hashtags.

The strategy provided some excellent results for the brand, including:

+ 850 New UK followers in week one
3,169 Organic engagements in week one

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