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Local SEO (or local search marketing) is less a specific skill with regards search and digital marketing but a combination of skills and techniques, from the technical to the creative, specifically targeted at improving a brands visibility in a specific or series of locations.

These techniques and skills are employed to achieve highly targeted local rankings – whether as part of a ‘local pack’ (the local rich results) or for specific ‘near me’ searches. With localised searches increasing every year, local search is a fantastic opportunity for any brand with specific local presences – be that a service area or a brick and mortar location.

For many industry verticals, local is the new global for search and digital marketing – and with the growth of local search and the growing importance of local ranking factors for these terms, brands need to ensure they are present where their consumers are both physically and in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our local SEO service takes advantage of our team’s extensive experience in SEO to ensure that your brand’s local SEO is optimised, both on and off page, for local success. Whether the ambition is to crack the local pack, improve local citations or climb the rankings for specific location terms such as ‘[product/service] in [city/location]’, our talented team of passionate SEOs will pull out all of the stops to ensure your brand is getting the results it deserves.

External location signals, on-page, inbound link, social and review signals are all taken into account when Google attempts to determine a website’s relevance and usefulness for local searches. For this reason, it is important to have a bespoke local SEO strategy designed specifically for your site, your industry and your location(s) to ensure you are sending the right message to search engines about the locations most relevant to your business.

Once the local SEO strategy is in place, we can proceed to look at more advanced signals that may be impacting your website performance for local searches – including behavioural and mobile performance signals, which have both a local but also a broader importance for modern SEO as a whole.

Brands of all sizes that rely on footfall or call outs should be looking to improve their local SEO performance; search engines are continually refining their algorithms to present the most relevant results to users. This extends all the way down to providing users with their choice of the best local brands – but for yours to be included, you need to be communicating your location and quality to the search engines. Whether your brand is large or small, local SEO can provide the following benefits and more:

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At Click Consult, we’ve always worked locally – and over the last 20 years have begun working locally for multinational organisations. We believe that if you’re present and operating on a local basis, then you should have a local strategy – even if that means you’re targeting dozens of locations, your targeting should be no less thorough for each. Our local SEO experts are always happy to drill down and get their hands dirty tailoring a strategy for your brand’s unique circumstances.

Organic search, commonly referred to as search engine optimisation (SEO), employs a combination of creative and technical skills to improve the visibility of a website for commercially important key terms. In doing so, the aim is to increase the number of consumers exposed to a brand at vital points in the consumer journey, to increase traffic to the website and, therefore, increase consumer awareness and the number of commercial actions (purchases, downloads, contact form submissions etc).

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