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Remarketing is a function of Google Ads and other advertising platforms which facilitates ad serving to consumers that have previously engaged with your site or used your app, making it easier for brands to serve personalised, dynamic ads to consumers and to stay at the forefront of a consumer’s mind until they are ready to make a decision.

Consider your average day online, while mostly you may be unaware – how often do you spot items you’ve previously considered purchasing?

We tailor our remarketing campaigns exclusively to user segments depending on their previous levels and varieties of engagement, the pages they have viewed, the source the users entered your site via and through actions performed on the site. We’re also able to take remarketing one step further, using dynamic remarketing ads. These are the most personalised ads, showing users the exact products that they have viewed during their visit to your site (though this type of ad can also be useful for lead generation business sectors). When a user visits your webpage, cookies track information about their visit to determine their interests. We can then target those prospects across third party websites, encouraging them to revisit the kind of products they’re interested in. Remarketing ads can even include an added incentive to re-engage your prospect, such as a discount or special offer. Our remarketing model has a range of segmentation options, providing complete control over who can view your ads, these include:


Leveraging Google Ads, we can target users that have failed to convert by segmenting those with long session durations or a high number of pages visited.


If a user is looking for a new outfit and bought a dress from your website, we can remarket to these users to cross-sell your accessories range.

Time decay

Sllows us to display one ad within a certain time period from engagement and then another a specified time after. The second ad can then switch to a stronger promotion, larger discount or different call-to-action.

Depending on the study being referenced, the cost of acquiring new customers is between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing custom. In financial services, for example, a 5% increase in customer retention produces more than a 25% increase in profit. Remarketing helps you to retain your customers, but also to re-engage those near misses – the customers that could have been!

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Display advertising allows brands to massively increase their reach - and to reach their target audiences in places you know they already visit. With the right display advertising strategy, brands can ensure that their paid media budgets are returning exceptional ROI.

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