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Social media training is a great way to level up your team, dealing with a host of vital aspects from platform basics to the intricacies of what kind of content works best where and when. With social media an increasingly important part of the marketing mix, training can help your team move from occasional posters to passionate social media advocates and can be a huge boost to your brand’s social media presence.

Our social media training can take place either remotely or in person - if you’d like us to come to your workplace and train your company, we love to conduct this training face-to-face, but we can also offer online training for remote teams. Our social media experts work with you and your team to ensure that you understand the tools that you will be using, how to get the best from them for the social channels you operate on. This will help you gain an understanding of the social media landscape, and how every channel requires a different approach to one another. Clients who have worked with us in the past have seen fantastic results and through effective social media use have found themselves at a significant advantage. They are now better connected and more engaged with their audience, meaning that they have reported an upturn in leads, sales and brand image. Following your training, we then provide a series of social media consultancy reports to help you improve your online visibility and social presence. This process helps to identify the key areas for your brand’s social media development, presenting recommendations as a monthly social workflow. The focus areas of our reports include:

Creation and optimisation of social platforms and channels.

Organic search optimisation of profiles, posts, titles and descriptors (including keywords and linking strategy).

Continued audience growth and nurturing of social relationships by targeting sectors/individuals.

Development of social interaction with the key target demographic.

Analysis of social sentiment and development of trust and engagement.

Development of use of images for each social group, including logos and banners.

How to maximise real-time opportunities on social media.

The benefits from social media training come in two main forms – for your team and for your brand. Our training can help your team build confidence, develop a new level of knowledge and interest in the various platforms and help them to produce more and more polished ideas. For your brand, this translates into measurable improvements to your social media presence and to the traffic, conversions and revenue that that can bring.

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Our many years of experience have taught us plenty, but we’re always looking to learn and update our knowledge to ensure that our social media training is always drawing on the most up-to-date research. Our experts offer advice on the best tools available to gather accurate measurements and actionable insight that can make a difference to your growth.

Social media, while often overlooked, is a key part of a brand’s online presence – it pays to ensure that you are making an effort to reach the right people with the right messaging. By using social media in the right way for your business - on the right platforms, in the right voice and at the right times - you can build a community of passionate brand ambassadors.

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