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May 27th, 2022

Search and digital marketing dominate the advertising world, which can be tricky to navigate. We are here to help you explore the right moves for your business, in a simple and effective way.

Our newest video series “Time Out with Click” looks to explore the vast amounts of knowledge our team of experts have, and give them a new platform for their voice to be heard. In our first video of the YouTube series, we hear from Lara – our Senior Content Marketing and Social Media Executive – who talks about social media.

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Hi, I’m Lara, and I’m the Senior Content Marketing and Social Media Executive here at Click.

And today we’re going to be talking about all things social media, tips and tricks and just general information to help anyone with social media.

I think the most important thing about implementing a social media strategy is consistency.

So if you choose a specific day and time to post your content, stick to that. And then at the end of the month, go back to your insights, your analytics and see what’s working, see what’s not working.

See where your audience is online, what time are they online, and then you can tweak it, you know, depending on what your results are.

I think it’s become very accessible for users. One of Instagram’s recent updates was that they came up with auto generated captions, which would be great for people who are hard of hearing, or deaf, or people that like to watch videos without the sound on.

So it’s really good to see that Instagram is, is really adapting to the societal needs of people.

It’s very important that businesses keep up with trends that are happening in real time.

Because no business wants to be left behind.

And social media trends, they move so quickly.

I mean, it’s as simple as just Googling stuff every few days or every week, see what the media’s putting out there. I use Instagram’s platform particularly to find out what trends and updates are happening.

And then you can implement those those new trends into your social media strategy.

It’s really, really important to engage with your audience. It builds trust with your audience, it builds brand awareness.

If you’re posting on your social media channels and you have comments coming through from your followers and they’re being ignored, that will break that trust.

People will stop liking your posts or even maybe unfollow you.

So it’s really important to be getting involved in the conversations with your community when they’re happening as soon as you can really, within 24 hours I think is a good timeframe.

But if you’re more reactive with those posts coming in with your notifications, or if you’re checking your specific scheduling platform that you use like Hootsuite or Sprout, for example, and you can see those comments coming through, so you can easily just comment back to them as soon as you want.

It’s really important that you mix up your post formats.

So you can have a mixture of static graphics, you could have animations, you could have reels, you could have piece to camera where you basically just talk about your business or your product and adding stories as well is really good.

So you get to be fresh all the time with your posting. Don’t just post the same graphic all the time or the same visual, just mix it up.

I think over the last two years social media usage has just shot right up because, you know, the world stopped and everyone went online.

So people are now using social media more to communicate with their loved ones.

People that had an idea in their head of, oh, I want to start a business but I don’t have the time.

They have the time over the last two years and because social media is so readily available, a lot of it is free, it’s a lot more accessible for people to start up their businesses online now.

So get in touch with us today if you need any help with your social media and the links to our social media channels are down in the descriptions below.

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