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A subsidiary of Prestige Brands, Ultra Chloraseptic have a range of throat sprays that provide fast acting relief from sore throats. Through their expertise and innovation Ultra Chloraseptic have a lot to be proud of in their pocket-sized sprays; with a swivel head design for easy application, and over 100 sprays in each conveniently sized bottle, the spray works directly where it hurts, without numbing your mouth.

Suitable for ages 6 and above (with adult supervision), Ultra Chloraseptic is the ideal throat spray for the entire family.

In such a saturated market Ultra Chloraseptic approached Click Consult with the objective of increasing organic search and visibility for a number of key terms relevant to the throat medicine market.

After a comprehensive analysis of their keyword strategy, Click suggested targeting long tail keywords with the goal of attaining a wider reach whilst also competing with fewer brands.

Click found several long tail keywords and phrases that had a high search volume, but with low competition. We proposed a plan to write a variety of user-focused content pieces that provided direct responses for the long tail search queries with the goal of obtaining a high rank on the SERPs for these blogs.

Moving forward with the proposed strategy, Click wrote a number of articles that provided answers for queries such as:

  • What is Quinsy?
  • Can smoking cause a sore throat?
  • Why choose a throat spray?
  • Is lemon good for a sore throat?

In addition to the above, Ultra Chloraseptic also holds the top featured snippet position for seven queries relating to the keywords.

Longtail Keyword Rank Featured Snippet?
How to use throat spray for a cough 1
Can throat sprays help a cough 1
Can nose hair cause congestion 1
Is quinsy contagious 1
Can you get quinsy if you have no tonsils 1
Can you use throat spray for a cough 1
Does smoking cause a sore throat 1
Can smoking cause a sore throat 1
What is the purpose of sinuses 1
Does weather pressure affect your sinuses 1
Can you get hay fever at any age 1

As a result of creating these user focused content pieces, Ultra Chloraseptic now holds the top rank on Google for 11 of the identified long tail keywords.

7 Featured snippets on Google
188K Page views
11 Number 1 ranking positions on Google

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