Our favourite 3 campaigns that inspire healthy living

Apr 22nd, 2024

Consumers are considering more than just quality and price when deciding to purchase from a brand; today’s consumers are looking for brands that support initiatives such as healthy living, wellness, and sustainability.

Some brands are going above and beyond with their marketing campaigns to encourage and inspire their audience to live a healthy lifestyle, whilst also combating environmental issues, empowering women, and encouraging community spirit!

Click have explored three standout campaigns that are a great example of how brands can inspire health and wellness for their target audience!

In May 2023, Adidas launched a “Run for The Oceans” campaign, with the goal to help end plastic waste.

Between the 23rd May and the 8th June 2023, Adidas and Parley would clean up the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles from beach and ocean areas for every kilometre run and logged onto the Adidas running app.


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The campaign generated huge amounts of positive publicity and media coverage for Adidas – especially since it aligns with current trends and societal concerns surrounding sustainability and climate change. This has increased brand visibility, attracted attention from consumers, influencers, and media outlets, all whilst making a healthy impact for both participants, and the planet.


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“When supported with innovation and resources, we are confident women will continue to redefine the limits of what’s possible. This is the motivation and purpose behind our FURTHER initiative.” – Nikki Neuburger, Chief Brand Officer, Lululemon


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Lululemon launched their FURTHER initiative in March 2023, a groundbreaking event with the goal of demonstrating the distance women can go when they receive the same products and resources as men. The event which began on 6th March 2024 consisted of a 6-day Ultra marathon, where 10 female athletes challenged themselves to run FURTHER than they had before, with some hoping to break a number of world records in the process.


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To aid them in their goals, Lululemon conducted female-specific research to understand sex-specific differences, countering the years of research that had been conducted solely on men, to support female athletes’ to reach full potential. This research, which monitored blood oxygen and nutrition amongst other elements, not only aided the FURTHER athletes in achieving their goals but also provided valuable scientific data for future women’s sporting endeavours.

During the event they unveiled a new range of 36 different products that were developed to address the unique needs of female athletes, offering situational and always-on functions crucial for a multi-day race. Key innovations include:

  • The Beyondfeel Women’s Running Shoe, featuring a unique last shaped by the female foot and new supercritical foam for enhanced comfort and support
  • The Support Code Bra, which offers high-support with a minimalist design and chafe-free construction
  • The Runsie combines performance and aesthetic with features such as 360-degree waistband storage and legwear split for range of motion
  • Cooling apparel and accessories were also introduced to prioritise cooling functionality and elevate performance during endurance runs

All of the women achieved huge accomplishments during the event, with many surpassing personal milestones and outdoing previous performances. Notably, the event saw athlete Camille Herron breaking multiple world records, including the Women’s Six Day World Record and several other distance-related records, highlighting the incredible achievements possible when women are supported and provided with innovative resources.


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The campaign has been instrumental in affirming Lululemon’s brand image of a sports clothing brand designed for women to reach their full potential; by supporting female athletes and showcasing their achievements, Lululemon reinforces its commitment to empowering women, which strongly resonates with their target audience.

Tour de Zwift, the largest annual event on the Zwift platform, has recently completed its 2024 edition. The Tour de Zwift, spanning approximately 6 weeks, serves as a gathering for indoor cyclists and runners worldwide to explore Zwift’s virtual realms. Each stage, taking place in a different virtual world, offers a variety of route distances for riders and runners.


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Commencing on January 3rd, this year’s tour consisted of eight stages spread across all of Zwift’s virtual worlds. Participants had the option to choose from three group ride distances for each stage, with the addition of races introduced for weekends, allowing participants to enjoy the experience at their own pace.

Completing each stage meant that Zwift users could win in-game as well as external prizes, such as an in-game Tour de Zwift branded kit on the Zwift platform, and a £50 reward to use for real-life kit from Zwift’s partner, Lecol.

The Tour de Zwift campaign drives significant engagement for Zwift, encouraging both existing users, and newcomers to participate in the event – nurturing returning customers, and enticing new ones; by offering a variety of stages and distances, Zwift caters to users of all fitness levels and preferences, increasing the likelihood of participation and retention on the platform.

Participants also share their experiences on social media platforms, creating user-generated content from the general public, but also from global cycling and running communities, which promotes Zwift to a wider audience, enhancing their brand exposure and visibility.

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