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How we improved search visibility through a comprehensive technical SEO strategy.

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DenTek is a world leading dental accessories company and has a strong presence in the USA. Since its establishment, DenTek has grown rapidly by continuing to innovate providing high quality oral care products that are loved by customers globally. DenTek are the only dental accessories specialists with an extensive range across floss picks, interdental brushes, dental repair, tongue cleaning and mouth guards – and with a range especially designed for children.

DenTek initially contacted Click to help them develop a long term SEO strategy that was geared towards driving the brand awareness of DenTek within the UK market. We also helped design, develop and build a new mobile friendly website, that showcases the full catalogue of DenTek products that are available in the UK. One of the main aims was to help position DenTek as a thought leader and innovator in the sector, by helping create a new content hub on the DenTek website.

A key challenge picked up by the SEO team was that the US site was ranking above the UK on the SERPs, this meant a large proportion of the web traffic was incorrectly landing on the US site, despite coming from the UK. The US logo and product offering are very similar to the UK, meaning users wouldn’t have any indication that they were in the wrong place.

Taking the above into consideration, Click’s approach was designed to:

  • Increase Keyword Ranking for top terms
  • Drive volume of organic sessions to website
  • Increase existing organic visibility
  • Drive traffic to the correct regional sites

Firstly, we began by reviewing the existing website and deconstructing this based on the various SKUs which needed to be present on the site. Following this we carried out in-depth keyword research that helped us identify the highest volume keywords associated with DenTek’s service offering. Once this was complete and agreed we set about structuring the site and identifying the most optimised, metas, titles, and descriptions for each page whilst also highlighting the new page content requirements.

To counteract the US site receiving much of the UK traffic, we implemented hreflang coding onto some of the sites most popular pages; this code informs Google to display the UK site above the US site when people located in the UK search for DenTek’s pages & products.

As we progressed the technical requirements for the site we created detailed wireframes purpose built for mobile optimised viewing.

Once we’d concluded the research and the wireframes were agreed, the content was written and the full scale development began.

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword strategy planning document
  • Website wireframes
  • Design & developed high resolution web concepts
  • User focused content research
  • User focused content pieces
  • New Web Content

The strategy provided some excellent results for the brand, including:

+222% year on year in organic clicks to the pages with href coding (on average)
+346.98% clicks to the homepage
+ 17.2% sessions
+ 64.8% mobile traffic
+ 19 priority keywords to P1

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