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See how our organic social media strategy drove brand awareness and gained impressive engagements from key industry influencers

For 20 years, PrecisionBiotics has been immersed in the science of the microbiome, dedicated to understanding unique bacterial strains and their role in gut and digestive health. They have always been confident in the belief that good gut health can solve an array of medical problems, and their unique expertise allows them to look for one-in-a-trillion solutions and empower people to live healthier, happier lives.

PrecisionBiotics offer food supplements that contain a blend of bacterial cultures and vitamins to support health goals, in addition to 12 week plans that provide a course of products, alongside regular emails with tips and advice.

Having recently entered the B2C market, PrecisionBiotics came to Click Consult, eager to boost their brand awareness organically across social media channels. While followers, likes and impressions were important to PrecisionBiotics social media growth strategy, they placed a greater importance on getting the ‘right’ people interacting with their social profiles. Their ideal was to place a focus on the ‘quality’ of engagements rather than ‘quantity’.

Their goal was to reach a wider array of customers within their target audience with a main focus on increasing engagements on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook from profiles that fell into the following categories:

‘Wellness Wannabes’: a younger audience, that lead a busy and active lifestyle, that are keen to find a quick solution to improve their health compatible with their on-the-go lives.

‘Condition sufferers’: people looking for solutions to improve their chronic problems with their gut health – hoping to find a reliable solution to control symptoms, avoid pain, and take steps towards living a normal life.

Click set about implementing an organic influencer strategy to build natural and authentic relationships with influencers within the health and wellness, fitness, vegan and gut health sectors. This was achieved by building a mutual relationship with influencers through genuine and authentic interaction; by liking, commenting and sharing influencer posts we are:

  • Building influencer relationships: through mutual interaction, we are building a natural rapport between influencers and the brand, allowing us to nurture authentic relationships with them.
  • Associating the brand with profiles in a similar niche: through interacting with influencer profiles we are associating the brand with the influencers, building a reputation for the brand within those niche communities.
  • Making the brand name visible to audiences outside of our own followers: by simply interacting with influencers, the brand’s name and handle will be visible to the followers of those influencers – who are more than likely to be interested in the brand’s offering. Upon viewing our brand handle, users will have the ability to click through to the brand account, and view the brand’s profile and posts.

In just five months (January 2023 - May 2023) of working with PrecisionBiotics, we completely transformed their social profiles with a variety of imaginative, aesthetic and eye-catching posts including static images, carousels, videos (reels), and animations. In this time span we achieved the following: *All statistics are compared to those seen between August 2022 - December 2022, the five months prior to collaborating with Click Consult.

On Instagram:
110k profile impressions (up by 234%)
79% increase in post engagement rate
457% increase in post likes
On TikTok:
579k video views
3.51% post engagement rate
On Facebook:
65k page impressions
7.3k post impressions (up by 192%)
6.6k post reach (up by 163%)

While the above is impressive – the real accomplishment was in the quality of the leads we saw engaging with the account. An example is an Instagram post from April 2023, relating to gut health for ‘IBS awareness month’.

Of all the likes on the post almost 55% of them were from highly relevant accounts that hold a high influence in the health and wellness, fitness, vegan and gut health niches – many of which had a large following themselves*, including:

  •, a fitness enthusiast with 39.4k followers
  • @vlanduk, a UK vegan magazine with 12.7k followers
  • @leila.quinn, a verified health and wellness business consultant with 7.3k followers

*all follower counts are accurate at the time of writing.

In-line with the strategy, all of these accounts were then reached out to and re-engaged with, with the intention of potential future collaboration as influencer brand ambassadors.

PrecisionBiotics had the following to add:

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