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Founded in England in 1877, St John Ambulance began as a charity aiming to disseminate life saving knowledge to mining populations and large railway centres. This led to the creation of the first uniformed first-aiders – the St John Ambulance Brigade – which would provide first aid at public events (this was later re-absorbed into the main organisation). For around 150 years, St John Ambulance has been the nations favourite first-aid charity, with thousands of volunteers working alongside NHS staff to provide emergency care, first aid courses and a life saving presence at cultural and sporting events up and down the country.

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St John Ambulance, as a charity, funds its incredibly important activities through voluntary donations. As such, as more and more of our daily lives moved online, the organisation needed to improve the performance of its website in search. The objectives, therefore, were to improve the general technical performance of the site (both for SEO purposes and for performance issues more generally) and to improve its ability to rank for important key terms which would then drive donations.

As part of Click’s bespoke approach to every client, intensive research was conducted into St Johns Ambulance’s position in the marketplace, its present and historic performance, target demographics and more in order to establish a road map for improvement.

Following this, and in-part using in-house developed monitorTRAX™, our experts conducted a series of human-led and automated audits and fixes to address the technical issues that were holding the site back. Once these problems were addressed, we began to improve the site’s sector specific authority and the quality and volume of the site’s linked and unlinked citations through a combination of content creation and digital PR campaigns – employing a mix of longstanding publisher contacts and sector specific and social media outreach of high quality content.

54.77% Increase in overall organic sessions
162.84% Increase in mobile organic sessions
44 44 page one positions for organisationally important key terms
9 Nine position one rankings for organisationally important key terms


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