5 digital marketing campaigns we love!

Feb 14th, 2024

Love is in the air! This Valentine’s Day Click has searched the digital realm to find five digital marketing campaigns that stole our hearts this past year…

In June 2023, Fiat launched their “Operation No Grey” campaign, to announce that they were no longer going to be making grey cars.

Italy is a country full of bright colours, and unique, historical architecture, so the idea behind the campaign was that Fiat, an Italian brand, should embrace the colourful Italian culture in their cars.

The main campaign on YouTube amassed more than 10 million views, and almost 5k (4.7k) likes. To promote this, they released a series of Instagram stories where they had followers vote on whether or not they liked grey versions of typically Italian things.

We loved the creativity and cultural influence of the campaign, and the interactive element of the Instagram stories was an engaging way to get their audience involved.

Dove are a strong advocate for body positivity, particularly for young women and girls who are likely to be vulnerable to toxic beauty advice and body shaming. Since launching their self-esteem project in 2004, they have helped empower and educate over 94,500,000 young people.

Their latest campaign, known as #DetoxYourFeed, is encouraging young girls to unfollow any Social Media accounts sharing toxic beauty advice, or that makes them feel anxious or negatively about themselves. They have also shared a parents guide, to help parents and guardians understand the complexities of toxic beauty advice on social media, and how to encourage their children to feel happier and more confident about their bodies.

Any campaign that makes waves in promoting body positivity and a healthy mindset in young people is close to our hearts – which is why we love this campaign!

@kristinacooksit @Heinz UK x Absolut collab and I am here for this!!! Look at this packaging! Video coming soon #tomatovodka #tomatovodkapasta #absolutelyheinz #pastasauce ♬ Swimming Pools (Drank) – Kendrick Lamar

Following a video of GiGi Hadid sharing her recipe for vodka pasta sauce on TikTok, two of the most well known sauce and vodka brands, Heinz and Absolut respectively, teamed up to create an official vodka pasta sauce.

Influencer Marketing was a highly impactful aspect of their campaign. They gifted their vodka pasta sauce to a variety of influencers that ranged from nano to mass influencers, to share their thoughts on the sauce with their followers across Social Media.

Within two months, the sales of Heinz pasta sauces went up by more than 50%, and jars of the vodka pasta sauce were being sold on eBay for more than 10x the RRP.

The genius way both Heinz and Absolut collaborated to bring what began as a TikTok trend out into the real world had us falling in love with this campaign…and it has nothing to do with the vodka, promise.

AI has barrelled its way into the world of digital marketing, and CallCare incorporated AI into an immersive fantasy world in a campaign launched last year.



Through a series of beautifully designed interactive images, CallCare built an immersive fantasy world to launch their Journey Through the Magical World of Customer Service campaign. Users are able to navigate the elements of their customer service offerings by engaging with the clickable elements of the pictures, and revealing information embedded within the images.



We fell in love with the amalgamation of fantasy into the real-world; allowing users to explore a typically dry subject such as customer services, and transform it into an interesting and engaging topic.

The blockbuster hit of 2023 was nothing short of a marketing genius. Using a combination of AI gamification with their Barbie Selfie Generator, intelligent Influencer Marketing, and Social Media activity, Warner Bros. & Mattel were able to capture the hearts of nostalgic Barbie fans, and new fans alike.

The Barbie Selfie Generator, an AI tool that allowed users to input their own images and text to generate character posters, that they were then able to share across social media channels. This user generated content gave the audience the ability for “kidult” consumers to immerse themselves in the movie.

This user generated content extended beyond the selfie generator, with several influencers featuring the Barbie World in their social posts. Over 1 million Barbie related TikToks were produced by a variety of influencers and content creators worldwide.

The Social Media movement also included the @BarbieStyle Instagram account, which featured a range of multicultural Barbie dolls around the world – giving audiences worldwide a chance to engage with the brand in a friendly and inclusive environment.


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This combined with strategic collaborations, and a range of traditional marketing that turned the film into a record-breaking box office hit.

What’s not to love about the entire world uniting to take a nostalgic trip back to their childhood Barbie days, and celebrating everything girlie and pink!!

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