Search and digital marketing trends 2020 – Infographic

Dec 30th, 2019

When it comes to your search marketing strategy, there are many different ways to ensure success and one of them is that you have to stay ahead of the curve in terms of trends. In our latest infographic we look the things that our experts believe will shape the industry in 2020…

Our team of award-winning experts have compiled the following list:


Automation – businesses are becoming savvy to the pressure of reporting. Automation solves much of this and is only going to get bigger 

Smart insights – Using analytics and insight to drive business performance is a must and is most desired skill for new hires in the industry

Using APIs – Businesses leveraging APIs are experiencing increased productivity, revenue growth, and room for innovation

Expanding technology sets – Brands should adopt new technologies to ensure they are reaching the right audience, acting upon leads, engaging with the potential customers and then converting.


Voice search – By 2020 it is said that 50% of all searches will be voice searches. This means that the search terms that trigger ads to appear are going to change as people interact in a more conversational way.

Visual PPC – Last year, Snapchat announced a Visual Search partnership with Amazon which allows users to search products on Amazon straight from the Snapchat camera. 

Trying new platforms – People in 2019 have spent more time on platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest – and the revenue at those companies is growing. That trend will not slow down. 

Smart bidding – Businesses need to be able to implement smart bidding on their campaigns to reach the right people at the right price


UFC – User Focused Content, this is a type of content creation that directly puts the user and searcher in mind and works in a similar way to FAQs

Video – Video content is hugely lucrative and is one of the key areas for brands to invest in 2020

Better targeting – Brands will be placing a more intense focus on drilling down on their targeting. 

User-generated content – Businesses should reward their audience for loyalty and use reviews and endorsements to further their own content as it builds trust

Social Media

Rise of TikTok – This platform is one of the fastest growing and it’s no wonder that so many businesses are moving towards it – you can read more in Karen’s article in the magazine.

Smart TV – Social has moved closer and closer to an all video approach this year and in 202 you can expect to see more ‘tv’ episodes and series appearing on Facebook only. 

Digital Marketing

Lifecycle marketing – Brands and businesses are moving away from the traditional sales funnel and using a non-linear approach to nurture leads and to re-engage with prospective leads

Analytical adoption – Companies that still aren’t investing heavily in analytics by 2020 probably won’t be in business in 2021. Use your data!

AI and machine learning – According to Forbes: “If you are going to invest in analytics, you also need to invest in AI and machine learning to be able to navigate the vast, churning seas of information and data you aim to put to good use. The value of AI and machine learning to data analytics can be distilled into three separate value propositions: speed, scale, and convenience.”

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