Supplement brands generally come across three main challenges when it comes to marketing their products online – this includes:

  • Getting essential information, such as nutritional value and health benefits, across to customers, without overwhelming or ‘boring’ them with a heap of information. Whilst also remaining in-line with stricter industry guidelines.
  • Connecting with or relating to customers – with the necessity to appear professional disrupting the person-centric approach preferred by the modern consumer
  • Outperforming their competitors in a saturated market across search results & paid media ads

Curating a strong digital marketing strategy is key to building and nurturing your supplement brands online presence, cutting through the competition and becoming increasingly visible to your highly sought after audience.

As we near the years end, we make some predictions on the digital marketing trends we see emerging on the horizon – and how the following trends might impact supplement brands in 2024.

  • The rise in social commerce
  • Continued growth in popularity of video content
  • Mobile-first marketing
  • Increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in digital marketing

The in-depth analysis offers:

  • An analysis of the challenges faced by supplement brands
  • Digital marketing best practices for supplement brands, taking into account how these challenges can be overcome
  • Predictions for 2024, and how they might impact digital marketing in the supplement industry
  • How to build a successful supplement brand in 2024
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