Organic Search, Paid Media, Content Marketing & Digital PR, Social Media and Design… Our industry experts have looked ahead into 2023 to predict what’s to come in their related fields.

From the first signs of Google Analytics 4 coming into its own ahead of the migration deadline from Universal Analytics, to the predicted death of TikTok; but out of the ashes comes the potential of a resurgence of one of the original video sharing platforms.

Alan Reeves Click Consult Headshot

Director of Search, Alan Reeves

I look forward to the “growth of new and competing search engines”

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Will Dixon Click Consult Headshot

Head of Paid Media, Will Dixon

I'm expecting brands to see brands shift an “increasing amount of their budget to other channels and platforms” rather than Google Ads

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Karen Ngai Click Consult Headshot

Head of Content Marketing, Karen Ngai

I believe that “people will be looking towards brands to bring a cheerier note, so creativity is key”

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Marketing Executive, Immy Williamson

I can see that “TikTok will likely be in for a tough year”

Lisa Anne Mittal Click Consult Headshot

Senior Design Executive, Lisa Mittal

I'm anticipating the “increasing use of AR and 3D technology in marketing”

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We’ve put together the 8th iteration of this predictions infographic especially for you, to help you make the right decisions for your business over the next 12 months without having to do all the legwork.


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