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Link Building Through Outreach

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Link Building Through Outreach

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Having high quality links pointing to your website is an important part of its search engine ranking success. Thanks to Google’s Penguin algorithm update, the days of ‘black hat’ linking techniques, such as paying for links and link farming, are long gone. We believe that the future of link building lies with outreach, which is all about producing and distributing high quality content that interested parties will want to use and share online.

Maintaining a high quality backlink profile is still an important part of improving your online search visibility – along with 200 other factors Google takes into consideration. So, like the amazing experience you’re hopefully providing on-page, your off-page portfolio needs to be compelling.

That includes high-quality links which have been earned naturally, pointing back to your site. But with Google’s Penguin algorithm, how can you tell which links are safe to build and how should they integrate into your long-term strategy?

What our eBook covers

  • The algorithm epoch
  • Quality over quantity
  • The past, present and future of link building
  • Off-page perfection
  • What is outreach?
  • Social media influencers
  • Our final thought

The answer is with an outreach strategy that works for you, your online reputation, and your site.

What is outreach?

Outreach is all about offering great content to be used and/or shared by interested parties online. You should always be looking for quality when link building. A few links from relevant sites of real importance are likely to have a far more beneficial effect than lots of low-quality links on suspicious sites.

With an outreach strategy you’ll be looking to target not just relevant sites to spread your content, reaching a wider audience, driving traffic and hopefully gaining a link from, but also appropriate influencers on blogs, online communities and social media networks, your target audience, prominent bloggers, the press, and more.