With the given target of reducing cost per click and cost per acquisition while increasing visibility and conversions, our PPC campaigns are achieving all this and more for Act-On.

Act-On is a software-as-a-service product aimed at the automation of B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. It includes tools which make marketing quicker and simpler, reducing the labour and time intensiveness of landing-pages, lead management, social media prospecting, CRM integration, email marketing, webinar management and analytics among other things.

Act-On pushes the boundaries of marketing automation, delivering a Twitter Prospector in 2010, a responsive email composer and a mobile app in 2014, a Google Chrome application (‘Act-On Anywhere’) which allows users access to data and functionality across all web browsers in 2015, as well as many more innovations.

Act On Website Mock up

Competing in a crowded marketplace is tough, even when your services are as good as Act-On’s, but here at Click Consult we were able to deliver everything they were looking for and more.

Through intensive competitor and market research using our suite of company built, industry leading software, we were able to develop a deep and well characterised marketing persona before embarking on a PPC campaign which was aimed at adding a real third dimension to the company’s interaction with their target market, increasing relevance and personalisation to really speak to their potential customers, making them aware of the great services Act-On could offer them.

Since we began working with Act-On the results have been truly impressive

-2.3% CPA
-50.3% CPC
+55.9% conversions
+206.6% clicks

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