As well as achieving P1 ranking for its top industry term, we sent this SEO and PPC client's traffic and conversion rates soaring, while driving down costs and lowering bounce rate.

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Advanced Diesel Engineering (ADE) is a leading provider a of power generation solutions to clients around the world, supplying generators for supermarkets and telecom towers, and providing engineering expertise at major festivals like Glastonbury.

ADE’s chief objective was to appear on page 1 of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) for the lucrative industry term ‘diesel generators’.

Our SEO team carried out a full technical audit of ADE’s website to pinpoint any technical issues that could be negatively impacting on organic search performance. Using our in-house quality assurance platform, MonitorTrax, we identified a range of on-page issues including a lack of content, poor meta data, and a lack of canonical tags.

  • Resolved technical on-page issues, and provided ADE with recommendations to amend canonical and 404 problems.
  • Created over 100 pages of unique website content, adding value to the site from both a user and search engine point of view.
  • Optimised ADE’s Google Ads account, enabling us to push budget towards areas of high performance, and monitoring key seasonal trends relevant to targeted search terms.
  • Designed and delivered a content marketing campaign to create a natural, high level link building pattern to enhance ADE’s online visibility.
the power of food infographic
the power of food infographic

Our optimisation work led to the client's key objective of a P1 ranking for the key terms ‘diesel generators’, and a lift in rankings for industry-relevant terms across the entire site, some of which had never ranked previously.

+ 94.2% conversion rate
+ 84.5% overall traffic
+ 80.3% new users
+ 394% clickthrough rate for PPC
+ 192% converted clicks for PPC
- 41% cost per conversion for PPC
- 22.8% bounce rate

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