When Denby asked how we could help grow their brand, we had to admit we were pot-ty about PPC and that it could really add a glaze to their company revenue.

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Established in 1809 on the estate of William Drury-Lowe as a manufacturer of stoneware bottles, the Denby pottery has operated from Denby since 1834 where they produced a minimum of 25 tons of workable clay each day. The company has been producing quality kitchenware since the 1870s.

Since the turn of the century, Denby has expanded its range of manufactured materials to include glass and metal (cutlery and cooking utensils). It has also introduced a number of fine dining ranges in both china and porcelain.

When Denby first became a client, there was little to suggest that big things could be achieved with improvements to the manner in which their paid search campaigns were executed, yet through determined application of industry best practice by Click Consult, they were able to rack up more than just plates for the four years during which they continued to gladly renew their contract.

65.6% Increase In Average Number Of Impressions
100% Increase In Revenue
300% Increase In Average Ad Position
73.9% Increase In ROI

Look no further!

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