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The Modalu brand lives by the three ‘c’s of: couture, creativity and craftsmanship. An English company, priding itself on its its extensive line of ‘Made in England’ bags which are hand-crafted by artisans in Somerset, Modalu is a high-fashion producer of leather bags with a world-wide customer base devoted to the quality and workmanship of its products.

In all things, Modalu devotes itself to attention to detail – whether in their world-wide search for the most exotic and exclusive colours for their leather, or the intricate, hand-crafted detailing, each bag is created with love.

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Modalu approached Click Consult in a similar position to many high fashion producer-retailers – their products were selling well, but more and more of their traffic, and sales, was being hoovered up by affiliate sites. To take immediate action on this, and for brand protection, Modalu was looking for a partner that took as much pride in their work as Modalu takes in its own.

To meet the brand’s aims, we began by focusing Modalu’s paid search budget on brand protection – targeting [brand]+ keywords that would place their offering in the right place at the right time to capture branded terms with purchase intent. Click’s efforts positioned the Modalu brand at the top of searches that had been filling with large online retailers and smaller affiliates, but more than this, through expert execution and attractive ad copy, we were able to exceed expectations.

We exceeded expectations by ensuring that our client was receiving the attention they deserved as users searched for their products.

820% Increase in transactions
305% Increase in revenue
362% Increase in sales
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