See how best practice PPC combined with a methodical and transparent approach to building ad campaigns and accountability boosted performance for Nationwide Supplies.

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Based in Buntingford, Hertfordshire the independent and family run builders and plumbers merchant aims to supply a full range of materials and products at incredibly competitive prices.

They boast a diverse stock of products for both domestic and trade usage and are a “one- stop-shop” for a customer’s plumbing and building requirements. Their fleet of vehicles meet local needs, however they are not limited by locality due to their extensive network of national couriers.

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Nationwide Supplies first came to Click Consult in May 2022 with a 6-month SEO and PPC contract where one issue they initially faced was with complex shipping problems. Another key consideration when determining the success of campaigns was the seasonality of the building industry, and how this might have affected performance.

Our paid media team has worked hard to combat the problems the client was initially facing and we have quickly started seeing some positive results. As per the client’s request, we began to build out the “lightside building materials” section of their website due to the need to align the campaign structure with the structure of the website.

The performance on the account has been achieved and maintained by identifying opportunity and making incremental changes to work towards the best way to capture it. Once we started to see our foundations directly influencing sales we have adjusted our approach to keep in line with best practices throughout the site, this includes growing the account through Google Search to affect every one of the 5847 products on their website.

The results have been helped by the clients willingness to make changes and enthusiasm in growing the paid channel.

With an apparent seasonality involvement in the building trade, we felt it important and relevant to look at the YoY transactions of 2021 and 2022. Looking at the three-month period between September and November, YoY transactions have increased by 149.77%, with November seeing the greatest increase from our Paid Search efforts at 302%. Highlights from overall results between the 1st of May 2022 and 31st of December 2022 include:

48.24% Increase in clicks
7.61% Decrease in CPC
64.58% Increase in goal conversions
153.81% Increase in orders placed
+ 302% YoY Transactions

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