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Virgin Balloon Flights is the largest passenger carrying balloon provider in the UK, with over 100 launch sites across England, Scotland and Wales. The seeds of the business were sewn back in 1987, when Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, flew across the Atlantic in a hot air balloon – the first of several challenges undertaken by the billionaire prior to investing in space flight. Virgin Balloon Flights now flies in excess of 30,000 people annually in its fleet of balloons.

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Virgin Balloon Flights wanted help to create a series of paid search campaigns designed to target and increase brand awareness in the areas around some of their lesser known launch sites. Despite having 100+ launch sites across the UK, the brand felt that awareness in some was significantly lower than in others.

As such, Click Consult was briefed with the challenge of significantly increasing brand visibility across the UK for commercially important key terms using paid search.

We began a series of location-based campaigns with ads that contained dynamically populating county/city/region specific keywords which mapped on to their launch sites. However, in addition to the narrow focus of geofencing campaigns, we also suggested that Virgin Balloon Flights should consider broader brand awareness campaigns which targeted more generic keywords.

With the backing of the brand, we began to run additional campaigns for both brand and non-brand search terms and began monitoring Virgin Balloon Flights’ competitors, aiming to react to any of their campaigns and offers by promoting similar offers on behalf of the Virgin brand simultaneously.

With these campaigns underway, we also began to create remarketing campaigns. In this way, users who had previously engaged with the Virgin Balloon Flights website, could be reminded of their interest and potentially reengaged with offers.

Through transparent communication of options further to their plans which would serve their ambitions, we were able to maximise the paid search budget of Virgin Balloon Flights, achieve an increase in brand awareness, but also boost commercial outcomes.

50% Increase in transactions
50% Average increase in revenue
31% Increase in average ROI
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