6 Technical SEO Considerations for Ecommerce Sites

Working on ecommerce SEO can be a big challenge, purely because the scale of the sites means that more things...

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arcade style game up your SEO Game

Google Sheets Hacks for SEO

Google Sheets has been an essential tool for many SEOs for years now. Apart from it being free (woohoo!) it...

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The time and the place: SEO insights for watch retailers

With recent news coverage of various smart watches entering the market, it reminds us all that watches are big business....

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Crunch time: is the gym equipment industry free of Penguin?

A few years ago, the world of SEO was a simpler place. The basic formula was “backlinks + content =...

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Boxed off: how Google updates have affected the packaging industry

Boxed Off: How Google Updates Have Affected The Packaging Industry

We’re SEO geeks at Click and make it our business to keep up with search trends across a range of...

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