Blue Monday Mood Busting Music

Jan 17th, 2022

With the uncertainty of Covid-19 following us into 2022, it’s hard to make plans for the future just in case another lockdown happens. With collective moods and morale low, the global population needs something to help it stay strong, together. Let’s turn this ‘Blue Monday’ mood into something positive.

One of the most, if not the most universally inclusive languages in the world isn’t English, but music. Yes, the language of music is one that can move us to tears, make us angry, or make us laugh, and everything in between. Coming together over music is almost a spiritual experience and is considered as a way of expression in which freedom is a privilege.

Maybe it’s not surprising that music can affect mood, and in-the-moment emotions, but what you might not know is that music can affect long term mental health. With the introduction of Music Therapy in the 1950s/60s (developed by Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins), the Nordoff-Robbins approach emphasised the point that all individuals can respond to music despite illness or disability.

Whilst we’re not a team of music therapists, we do understand and support mental health, so we have put together a low-mood busting playlist, full of songs that will make you happy. Remember that there are people and organisations to talk to such as Mind if you’re experiencing constant low mood, anxiety and stress at any time of your life.

We asked the Click team “what’s your go-to happy song?”, and had a good few answers. From Harry Belafonte to Lily James, we hope you listen to this playlist and that it puts a smile on your face.

Let us know in the comments, what song(s) makes you happy, and we’d love to hear the story why it does!

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