Click Consult Presents… The Digital Olympics 2021

Jul 23rd, 2021

As we prepare for over two weeks of enthralling events at the Summer Olympics, here at Click Consult, we thought we’d get into the spirit of the games and create our very own Click Consult’s 2021 Digital Olympics!

We wanted to find out which country is putting its best foot forward and sprinting towards victory when it comes to the world of digital.

There are three rounds to our Digital Olympics, including the top digital businesses founded by country, the most digitally-savvy population, and the nations that are leading the way in investing in the future of digital.

So which country will be taking home the gold, silver, and bronze medals in each of our events? Let’s take a look at the first round.

First round – Top countries producing best-performing digital technology businesses

There are many countries producing some of the best performing digital technology companies, which is why we wanted to find out which country would be crowned the champion.

To do this, we looked at the Forbes top 100 digital companies list to find out which country featured the most businesses. We also used other secondary research to find revenue and population information for four key areas; SEO, eCommerce platforms, social platforms, and content management system (CMS).

Which country is taking home the gold medal in the first round of Click Consult’s 2021 Digital Olympics?

Claiming the first gold medal in the Digital Olympics and taking the top spot on the podium is the USA.

Racing ahead of the competition with an impressive 39 companies featuring on the Forbes top 100 digital companies list, the USA is the clear winner in our first round. What’s even more impressive is that the USA has eight companies listed in the top ten!

The number one company on the list was Apple, but other notable businesses that were featured include Microsoft, Amazon, Walt Disney, and Facebook.

Japan came second in the first round of events. With a total of 13 companies featuring in the top 100 list, Japan managed to see off competition to take home the silver medal, with companies like Softbank, Nippon Telegraph & Tel, KDDI, Mitsubishi Electric, and Canon all featuring.

In third place was China with a total of nine digital technology companies featured in the top 100. Some of China’s best-performing companies include Alibaba, Tencent Holdings, China Telecom,, and Baidu.

Other countries that look to be producing some top digital technology businesses include the Netherlands and South Korea who both had four companies making the Forbes top 100 digital companies list.

When it comes to the most popular search engines around the world, four of the top five were founded in the USA while the other was founded in China. The search engine that saw the most revenue in 2020 was Google, while YouTube and Baidu came in second and third respectively.

It’s a similar story when looking at social networking companies, with four of the top five being founded in the USA, including Facebook and Instagram, and the other being founded in China.

Stats show that 2,797 million of the world’s population are actively using Facebook, while only 732 million TikTok users are actively using the platform.

Stay tuned for the second round of our Digital Olympics where we will find out which nation has the most online activity. Or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with all of the latest information.

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