Creating conversations: Introducing our new content marketing eBook

Nov 5th, 2015

Is content marketing just a buzz phrase?

The expression may be new but, since Michelin launched its guide to help drivers to maintain their cars and finding decent lodgings (and help wear out their tyres) in 1900…

Image: NewsCred

and P&G begin producing and sponsoring the first radio soap operas to engage listeners with their ads in the 1930s…

P and G soap operas in 1930s


… the principles behind content marketing have been well-established: offer something extra to attract customers, build brand loyalty and gain a competitive edge.

Why download our new eBook?

  • It’s a compendium of content marketing that covers:
  • How content marketing works
  • How to come up with ideas that get your customers hooked
  • Where to promote you content for maximum value
  • Creating an authentic voice for your brand
  • How to put together a content plan

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