Grotesque bushtucker trials and a host of famous faces; We look back at this years I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

Dec 9th, 2019

Last night (Sunday) saw the final episode of the much loved TV show, I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!.

This year we saw celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner, James Haskell, Kate Garroway and Ian Wright, all being pushed to their limits as they endured jungle life and participated in bushtucker trials, all in order to win meals for camp.

From Roman Kemp’s impressions of Ant and Dec to Caitlyn Jenner trying to understand Andy Whymant’s strong Mancunian accent; there’s no doubt that this years series has provided us with a host of moments which has left viewers in tears of laughter.

With another series of the adored program complete, we wanted to delve into what the nation thought of the episodes on social media. Whether it was the most talked about campmate or the viewers most favourite moment; we can reveal all.

Who were the most talked about campmates on social media?

This year’s series included some well-known household names, but the biggest surprise was the inclusion of one of the world’s most iconic celebrities, Caitlyn Jenner. It’s no surprise that the A-lister topped the conversation polls with 7%; But was she the only contestant fuelling a large amount of social conversation?

Ex rugby star James Haskell also received 7% of conversation during his controversial time in the jungle. The 34 year olds assertive character ruffled a few feathers both in the camp and amongst viewers watching, which could be why he attracted so much conversation.

What was the most positive moment of this years series?

Bushtucker trials are what make the show so popular and what viewers at home love to watch. This year a number of trials took place in “Ol’ dingo town”; a wild west setting created especially to put the celebrities through their paces.

The first trial in “Ol’ dingo town” saw the entrance of soap stars Andy Whymant and Cliff Parisi. They’re comical behavior and instant bond got social media users talking the most and as such, claimed the award for most talked about moment of the series. The trial racked up an impressive 5,805 number of social posts, with 50% of the conversation being positive.

What was the most talked about moment of the series?

It’s no surprise that Andy and Cliff’s “Ol dingo town” trial was the most talked about moment as well as the most positive; but what other moments got social media users talking?

The second most talked about moment saw James, Ian, Jacqueline and Andrew take part in a trail which would put them to the ultimate test. Each celebrity had to have their head enclosed in a plastic ball, which was then filled with a mixture of jungle critters. This challenge seemed to prompt viewers to share their views on social media, with a total of 4,242 posts being shared.

How did the social media gender split fair during this years series?

After breaking down all of our research, it’s the female viewers who took to social media more, compared to males. 64% of all tweets made about the show were posted by females, leaving the remaining 34% to the male portion of viewers.

With the 2019 series over and done with and soap star Jacqeline Jossa being crowned queen of the jungle, we can now look back on what’s been a laughter-filled, entertaining series, of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! 

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