Penguin 3.0 expected to be rolled out by Google next week

Oct 3rd, 2014

“Delight”. It’s not a word that’s synonymous with Google’s algorithmic refreshes, but that’s how Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst described a suspected upcoming Penguin refresh at the Search Marketing Expo East, yesterday (2nd October)

Indeed, when Founding Editor of Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan, posed the question “When can we expect that overdue Penguin update, Gary?” Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes replied, “Soon. Very soon. Maybe next week.” Illyes later observed that Google may have made weekly tweaks to the Penguin algorithm since the last update, which has made the Google experience difficult for both users and webmasters.

However, the new Penguin refresh is expected to make us all happier when using the search engine. “We want webmasters and users to be happy”, said Illyes, after suggesting the update would be a “delight” for users and make webmaster’s lives “a bit” easier.

While the updated algorithm is likely to “delight” webmasters who are waiting for a refresh after removing bad links, Illyes has warned that any unnatural links that have been disavowed as recently as two weeks ago, may not reap the benefits of this algorithmic update. However, he did add that as a result of the update, which is likely to be “a large re-write of the algorithm”, there is likely to be frequent refreshes going forward.

Subsequently, this means that frustrated webmasters who have been awaiting an algorithmic refresh, should start to see a change in their website’s position in search results as a result of their link removal and recovery efforts.

As a Google Partner, we’re committed to keeping up-to-date with Google’s ubiquitous algorithms, so that we can ensure all our services conform to the search engine giant’s quality guidelines. While it remains unclear as to when Penguin will be updated, it sounds like it won’t be far off. We’ll keep you posted…

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