The Small Business Guide to Getting Started on Facebook for Free

Nov 19th, 2013

Creating a page for your brand on Facebook is really easy.

Below, we’ve broken the process down into four steps.

  1. Building your pageWhen you first create your business page, there are some key things you will need to do before you can get to work. Setting up your page from the start will mean that you will be recognised straight away.
    • Set up the name of your page. This should be your brand name and what people will use to find you on Facebook. This will be instantly recognisable when people see it in their feeds.
    • Tailor your “about” section. Make sure it is short, descriptive and informs people exactly what your page and brand is about, with a link to your website/blog if you have them. Don’t be afraid to put links in to your Twitter and Google+ accounts if you have those set up, too.
    • Ensure that your profile picture is recognisable. Make sure this is relevant and matches your brand, as it is one of the first impressions seen news feeds.
    • Don’t forget a cover photo. When landing on the page, this is the first thing seen due to the size and placement, so make sure it is relevant to your brand.
    • Create any apps/tabs that you want to help with the user experience on your Facebook page. This could include a gate for getting a discount code, or maybe a competition tab with an entry form for the competition you are running (if, of course, you are running one!).
  2. Connecting with peopleTo get your current website visitors and customers onto your Facebook page, you are going to want to put a link or button on your webpage; one that fits nicely and invites people to come on over and have a look. Also, perhaps attach it to emails, a “find us on Facebook” message on thank you pages/contact forms, or maybe send out a mass email to your email subscribers informing them of your new venture onto Facebook. Instantly, you should start seeing your like count increase as users get intrigued and start checking it out.
  3. Engaging your audienceA Facebook account can allow you to make your brand appear ‘human’ to your customers. Maybe have some banter with your fans and share some thoughts of what’s going on in the news. Respond to the comments left by your fans, including negative ones (DO NOT delete complaints/criticism). Show that your brand is human and can make mistakes but that you are trying to rectify it. Make them see that you provide good customer service and that you can take the bad with the good and resolve any problems. Keep the users coming back for more, keep them engaged and offer them a reason to stay on your page and to keep you in their news feed.
  4. InfluenceNow you have to keep your fans and influence their friends to also become fans. This can be done by doing exactly what you were doing in step three; by engaging with your audience. Doing this can ensure that your brand will be seen by friends of your fans. Whenever your fans comment, like or share on your page, it all goes into their friends tickers and timelines saying [user] comments on [brand’s] page. There are a few other bits you can do to help encourage this type of behaviour with some call to actions.
    • Encourage people to check in at your business with a sign in your shop, or by offering a special discount to people who check in.
    • Create events on your page and invite people to join them.
    • Ask questions and create posts that encourage engagement.
    • Share exclusive information and offers that people are likely to want to pass along to their friends.
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