The Digital Olympics 2021 – Round 3

Aug 2nd, 2021

As Team GB continues to pick up medals at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, our attention turns to the third and final round in our Click Consult Digital Olympics. In the second event, the USA was crowned winners once again as they picked up their second gold medal for being the most digitally-savvy nation.

The UK narrowly missed out on gold but did manage to secure the top spot alongside Germany for the country with the highest percentage of internet users. China managed to take third place for the second time in the Digital Olympics and was the nation that spent the most money online. 

For our final event, we focus on the leading countries that are investing in digital technology. To determine who would be crowned champion, we looked at the top ten countries in each of the following categories; AI, cybersecurity, digital progress, and cryptocurrency.

We focused on these four areas using secondary research and scored between one and ten points for each ranking, depending on the position (ten points = first place).

So who has secured the final gold medal at the Click Consult Digital Olympics? 

The USA has claimed the top spot once again, taking their gold medal total up to an impressive three out of three. Key areas of digital technology that the USA is doing well in investing in are AI, cybersecurity, and digital progress. 

There is room for improvement for the USA when it comes to cryptocurrency as they are behind China in this area, although still ahead of other nations. The category that they are doing the best in is AI, scoring ten points alongside the UK. 

Making an appearance on the podium for the first time in our Digital Olympics is Singapore, who take home silver. Interestingly, Singapore is doing really well with both digital progress and AI. 

In third place once again is China. Areas of digital that China is currently focusing on are AI and cryptocurrency. However, if China is to try and keep up with the competition when it comes to investing in digital technology, it will need to improve on cybersecurity and digital progress.

Other countries that deserve an honourable mention include South Korea, Israel, and the UK. South Korea scored a seven out of ten for digital progress and five for AI. 

Meanwhile, Israel is doing well in AI, scoring an eight out of ten, and a three for digital progress. The UK is currently only investing in AI, scoring the highest number of points alongside the USA. 

What’s interesting from these results is that there are not many countries that are investing in all four areas. Currently, the USA and Singapore are the only nations to really focus on digital. 

Although the Digital Olympics have come to an end, we will be celebrating all the countries that have secured a place on the podium for each round, as well as those nations that have narrowly missed out on a medal. Stay tuned for the Closing Ceremony of the Click Consult 2021 Digital Olympics.

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