This Month In Social Media – April 2020

Apr 30th, 2020

As businesses start to get to grips with life in lockdown, there has been an increase in social media use as a whole, along with the likes of video chatting and document sharing. With 62% of marketers changing their marketing strategies due to COVID-19, many have been focusing their attention on their social media presence, which is rightly so

Instagram use in the UK alone is up 37% compared to previously, IG Live has spiked 288% and 27% increase in TikTok use (you’ll have seen dance challenges everywhere). With this in mind, and there being a bigger focus on social media, we’ve taken a look at some of the biggest new updates from the industry, for you to utilise as part of your strategy.

Facebook has launched its own video chatting platform

No matter where you look, you can’t currently hide away from Zoom, which is taking over the world at the moment. You see it on the news, TV programmes, business chats and even your own quizzes with friends and family.

It has had its ups and downs recently, with it’s privacy and security being questioned, but for many it might be time to make the switch to Facebook’s version. Messenger Rooms allows up to 50 people to video chat together, and is accessible to all whether you have a Facebook account or not.

It is free to use and doesn’t have that pesky 40 minute limit that Zoom currently has, meaning you can chat away for as long as you like. For those with a Facebook account, it will integrate with your timelines so you can keep on top of your communities. This has recently been launched but expect to see innovative uses for it from brands and businesses worldwide whilst strategy seems to be about experimenting.

You can now direct message through Instagram desktop

This is something that social media marketers have been asking for for a while now. Everyone knows the struggle of having to monitor your customer queries through the Instagram app on your phone, or through third-party software, and although it’s already something you can do through linking your Instagram account up to Facebook, it’s now available through Instagram desktop.

They have been testing this feature out for a good few months now, but without a definitive launch date, but if you log in to Instagram from today you should be able to see it next to all the other features you’re more used to. It works in the same way as on the mobile app so there are no shocks there.

People in regions where network access is limited, or where data plans are restrictive, could benefit from being able to connect to their DMs on an alternate platform – while it also aligns with Facebook’s broader plan to integrate all of its messaging tools.

Increase storytelling with TikTok’s new voiceover feature

TikTok might be a social media platform which you haven’t aligned your social strategy to yet, and it certainly isn’t for every business to jump on, but if it targets your specific audience and you can tailor your brand messaging and services to your posts then it’s certainly effective.

TikTok has now started letting its creators add their own voice to the videos they are creating, adding a whole new storytelling element to the platform. It previously only allowed you to add clips of music, or dialogue from movies or TV, but this new update introduces it.

This can all be done in the ‘editing’ page when you are creating your content, and it allows you to edit the voice note to adjust the volume in case you aren’t happy with it first time round. TikTok explained why they have introduced it: “Whether they’re narrating a story, adding their own voice to a song or simply describing what’s seen on camera, creators can use this new feature in countless ways to help make engaging content.

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