UEFA Select Click Consult for Technical SEO and Content

Nov 22nd, 2021

Some phenomenal news for Click Consult – and for football fans everywhere!

An electrifying knock-out competition saw Click Consult become champions of the latest UEFA pitch process, with fans of the agency said to be thrilled at the tireless commitment to excellence that has resulted in such a triumph.

The partnership will look to capitalise on the many opportunities that technical SEO and optimised content can offer as UEFA looks to promote European football and its competitions as well as its phenomenal work building trust with and providing leadership for the many national football associations it represents.

Speaking on the beginning of the new relationship, Click Consult CEO, Matt Bullas, said:

The team here are all hugely excited to be working with a brand like UEFA – European football is a global phenomenon and we’re delighted to be a part of expanding the reach of some of the greatest league and cup competitions in the world.

We know that things are changing in the way football is organised, is played, is enjoyed – from grass roots to the top step of the Champion’s League podium, and to play a part in how that project will be communicated will be fantastic for us.

Everyone involved is looking forward to a long and successful partnership, and we’re sure it will deliver fantastic results during an exciting era for European football on and off the pitch.

Our award-winning teams have worked on numerous successful technical and creative campaigns for some of the UK and Europe’s top brands; we feel we’re in great shape to help UEFA reach their goals.

The only question remaining is whether to position the winner’s star above or below the agency crest!

With both parties looking forward to a long and successful partnership, Click Consult are hoping to deliver some incredible work for an incredible band.

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