Click Consult wants you to vote for Amy and Friends’ ‘My Time to be Me’

Apr 16th, 2018

With votes open for National Lottery funded ‘The People’s Projects’, a cause dear to everyone at Click Consult needs your help to secure funding

Amy and Friends, a group which helps to support the families of and children with Cockayne Syndrome (CS) and Trichiodystrophy (TTD) also runs a weekly siblings club called ‘My Time to be Me’.

The siblings of children or of families which have lost children to such life limiting conditions are, themselves, placed under enormous pressure and stress and the ‘My Time to be Me’ project offers much needed respite for these children – where they can participate in a host of different projects, form lasting friendships and grow in confidence and self-esteem.

This club, presently being piloted with great success in the North West, needs funds to grow – and this is hopefully where Click Consult’s audience can assist.

There are only 14 days remaining for people to vote on which projects receive a share of £3million of National Lottery funding, and we want you to make sure that Amy and Friends are awarded a deserved share of funding which they can use to make a genuine, positive impact on the lives of children across the North West and, hopefully, more besides.

Click Consult and I work with and on behalf of a number of charities, but is undeniable that those which help children in extremis are among those that really move everyone at Click.

While we raise what we can, this project represents a fantastic opportunity for Amy and Friends to raise a tremendous amount more than we could offer and needs a big push from everyone to help them achieve the result they deserve.

Matt Bullas, CEO & Founder – Click Consult

To potentially change the life of a child dealing with the distress of a sibling’s life limiting condition and to offer them a ray of light in what can be a terribly dark time, all you have to do is vote for ‘My Time to be Me’ on their page at The People’s Project.

On behalf of everyone at Click Consult – thank you all for making a big difference.

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