In general, Health & Wellness brands struggle to:

  •  Get essential information, such as regulatory standards or qualifications, across to customers, without overwhelming or ‘boring’ them with a heap of information.
  • Connect with or relate to customers – with jargon and regulations getting in the way of a person-centric approach (that the customer wants)
  • Outperform their competitors in a saturated market across social media, search results, or paid media ads

In some industries, prospects are willing to risk purchasing from a brand they don’t know, or don’t fully ‘trust’ because the outcome does not impact their health or wellbeing; this is often not the case for Health & Wellness brands where products and services are often directly related to customer wellbeing – and therefore consumer trust is vital.

The customer journey does not end following a purchase. Building a strong customer relationship will ensure that customers remain loyal to your brand, and will keep returning year on year to purchase your product(s) or services.

You share an audience and an ideal customer profile with your competitors; this means that your competitors are likely using the same industry talking points, keywords, and advertising platforms that you are – to get in front of the same audience. It is important to build a brand that attracts your target audience to expand our customer base, and outperform your competitors.

This guide provides the foundations upon which Health & Wellness brands can begin to build a strong digital marketing strategy that will help them reach their goals, outperform their competitors, and build up a customer base that keeps on returning year after year. 

Using their decades worth of experience working with Health & Wellness brands, Click’s in depth analysis will:

  • Help you understand the importance of trust, customer relationships, and attracting a wider audience in the Health & Wellness industry
  • Give an insight into the areas of marketing Health & Wellness brands struggle to perform, and some of the challenges they face in marketing compared to other industries
  • Take you through some of the marketing tactics that will help Health & Wellness brands achieve the above


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