The Core Web Vitals update is, collectively, one of the first major inclusions of UX into the way that Google ranks websites in search results.

Likely to have fairly small immediate impact, the advanced warning that Google has offered has really only come for the mobile and page speed updates over the last few years. While the algorithm is seemingly in a near constant state of low level flux, these major additions tend to be signposted as they represent nudges from the search engine toward where they need webmasters to go.

As a result, the impact of this in the mid-to long term of this and inevitable other UX related updates, will be cumulative. So, while your site may not suffer from poor scores immediately, it is well worth taking it seriously.

The ‘Preparing for the Core Web Vitals Update’ Cheat Sheet includes:

  • What each element of CWV is
  • What impacts your scores
  • Some ways to optimise your site
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