What is organic search (SEO)?

Organic search (SEO) is the process of through which is achieved, the improvement and maintenance of the visibility of a web asset (e.g. a website, a Facebook page, a YouTube video) within the organic or algorithmically determined search results of any of the popular search engines.

Why you need to implement an SEO strategy

While it is clearly of vital importance for consumers to be able to find your website in SERPs, organic search (SEO) is about much more than just rankings. A high quality organic search (SEO) strategy can improve ROI through additional, highly relevant traffic which is targeted to specific landing pages via keyword targeting to generate conversions.

  • How search engines work and the impact of all the recent updates
  • Simple techniques for choosing and using keywords effectively
  • The importance of writing high quality content for real people
  • Essential techniques for optimising your web pages and website
  • Build brand awareness
  • Interact with consumers and improve brand engagement
  • Build trust between your brand and customers/fans/brand advocates
  • Become a thought leader and influencer within your industry
  • Make the most of site traffic

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