Social media marketing is the process through which a brand’s audience or following on social media platforms is leveraged to improve traffic and conversions and build relationships and rapports with existing and potential consumers. This is achieved by sharing content which is highly relevant to the target audience, maintaining a consistent tone and ensuring through analysis and testing that your content is interesting, useful or shareable enough to reach not only your brand’s audience, but your audience’s audience.

Nobody in the world of marketing can claim to be surprised that social media is now a big thing, investment in social media marketing rises every year, platforms increase their targeting and improve their analytics, audiences get bigger and demand more. There are plenty of things that anyone with even a passing interest in marketing will be aware of – yet there will, doubtless, be a few things, a few details about each of the many platforms that you may have missed, or may struggle to remember between uses – that’s where this eBook will be of most help.

  • Help you decide which platforms are right for you and your business
  • Uncover hidden tricks & tips you never knew about
  • Give you the perfect image sizes and dimensions for each platform
  • Inspire you with new ideas for campaigns

It is the first port of call for many consumer complaints, most praise and a lot of product research. For this and many other reasons, it is important that brands are not only present but active on social media, that contacts are responded to in a timely manner and according to the brand’s tone of voice so that prospects, consumers and complainants alike are all able to see the best face of the brand quickly and with ease.

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