In the last five years alone there has been an influx of updates implemented to improve the relevance of results (we’re looking at you BERT (2019) and MUM (2021)). Although these updates are great – what with a decrease in repetition, removal of spam and improvement on the ‘helpfulness’ of content – Google’s broadening of its definition of what classifies as YMYL content is likely to see more and more brands witness changes to their rankings.

It is assumably unsurprising that most users searching for terms such as ‘car insurance’ will have to trudge through at least 7 results – both ads and organic – before reaching the first specific insurance company listing.

The growth of comparison sites, and their ever-expanding marketing budgets, means that for high volume, high competition terms you’re likely to see an overweighted reliance on links.

This in-depth sector report includes features such as:

  • The wider state of play in home, car and life insurance online
  • Performance and trends across the top nine players in the above insurance sectors
  • YMYL, EEAT & why they matter