Drumming up answers to your search marketing questions

Nov 12th, 2015

In conjunction with the award-winning editorial team at The Drum, Click Consult has assembled a number of thought-leading articles, demonstrative case studies and easy to digest illustrations to help guide brands and agencies alike through the ever changing world of search marketing

Click Consult has been practicing search marketing for 13 years, that’s 13 years of growth, development, learning and experience. In this time we have sought to consistently increase the number of specialists we can place at the disposal of our clients. A year ago we decided to share all of this with our colleagues at brand teams and agency teams throughout the country and following some fantastic feedback we have decided to do the same again this year.

In this, our second supplement with The Drum, our in-house experts discuss SEO, PPC, campaigns, content, outreach and more to offer industry leading insight and offer brands and agencies alike our blueprint for success. Following a message from our CEO and founder Matt Bullas in which he discusses the last year and what it has taught us, the supplement hands over to a select group of Click’s directors and senior executives for in-depth analysis of their core areas of expertise.

At Click Consult, we never forget that, in the end, search marketing is about people. Happy consumers are engaged, informed, moved; and it’s this element that can sometimes fall by the wayside when businesses develop their online marketing strategy.

Matt Bullas, CEO and Founder


We at Click Consult have worked hard and had a lot of fun putting this together with our colleagues at The Drum and welcome any interaction, questions or comments that may come from its print circulation of over 30,000 and the many more online readers it has.

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To find out how we can use our blueprint for success to benefit your brand, or to speak to us about any questions you may have, leave us a comment below or contact us today.

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