How to predict organic ranking positions [ VLOG]

Feb 13th, 2018

How much of an impact do factors such as external links, Page Quality Score and page speed have on organic ranking? Click Consult’s Senior Organic Search Strategist, Stu Jones, explains all in this vlog 

In this vlog, Stu walks through how to use regression analysis for predicting ranking positions organically. If ‘regression analysis’ sounds scary, don’t worry. In this case, it’s a way of statistically analysing the impact of factors such as external links, Page Quality Score and page speed on organic ranking positions, enabling you to make predictions about future performance.

Stu takes you through the process step-by-step with screenshots, using an example data set for one of our own clients. He also shares the Python script he references in the tutorial to help you carry out the process for your own website.

“Google tells us that there are over 200 ranking factors”, explains Stu, “But the truth of it is nobody knows exactly what they are so we have to play with the data that we have at hand and that we know to some degree affects the output of Google’s search engine ranking pages (SERPs) and where you sit for certain keywords.”

Stu is interested to explore this topic more and welcomes any comments or other input you might have!

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