The importance of communication [ VLOG]

Jul 26th, 2018

What are the most important things we consider as a search marketing agency when building and maintaining relationships with our clients? Key Account Manager Jimmy Fernando explains all in this vlog, which is summarised below

One of most valuable, intergral parts of communication is simply to listen to your client and ask questions to make sure nothing is lost in translation when trying to understand their objectives and long-term strategies.

This is a two-way street – you should make sure that your clients know they shouldn’t be afraid to ask any questions, and that you’ll be honest and approachable in your response.

Agree strategy

It’s very important to put in place a communication strategy at the start of client/agency relationship to establish how often to meet and whether this will be face-to-face or via a call.

Tailor communications

An agency needs to tailor the way it communicates with clients based on their knowledge of search marketing. For example, some clients may want to look closely at Google Analytics or spreadsheets when reviewing performance, while others might want a more top level approach and use the meeting to discuss and understand the data presented.

It’s also important to keep lines of communication open in between meetings: it’s important for us as an agency to understand when changes are happening  within a client’s business that could affect search marketing performance, such as changes to the client’s site, admin, or changes in sales – so we can react to manage their impact.

Set agenda

Agreeing on a set agenda, whether a meeting is weekly or monthly, gives the meeting structure and enough time to both parties to prepare and get the most out of it.

Share minutes

The meeting minutes summarise what was discussed and give clear action points for both parties. It can also form the agenda for the next meeting, and be shared with any other parties involved.

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