RAR rankings name Click Consult the 7th Best Agency in the North West of England

Feb 2nd, 2016

In a top 100 dominated by the South-East and specifically London, there are some areas of the North holding their own – including a really strong showing from Click Consult

While the largest part of the RAR top 100 UK agencies list is made up of those companies in and around England’s capital city, Yorkshire and the North West are carrying the torch for agencies in the North. With that in mind, the below image shows the top 20 agencies on each side of the Watford Gap, with Click Consult entering at number 20 in the North – a position we’re both proud of and already looking to improve upon:

Top 20 Agencies North vs South



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The other main lesson learned from the rankings is that three areas of the UK are outperforming the rest – with agencies from North West, Yorkshire and the South East of England dominating the rankings (honourable mention for the one non-English agency to make it into the list – Edinburgh’s Whitespace).

While the rankings still seem to show a direct correlation between location and ranking (at least in terms of frequency if not position of appearance), there is a lot to be optimistic about for the North of England, with 20 entries in this year’s rankings demonstrating that you don’t need a London postcode to deliver fantastic results for clients.

The image below shows the rankings, by region, for each of the three best represented areas in the UK, the North West (where Click Consult rank 7th of those chosen by RAR – from the large and ever growing number of North West agencies), Yorkshire and the South East:

Top 20 Agencies North-West vs South vs Yorkshire



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While this is clearly great news for Click Consult – to be so well ranked among the broad spectrum of RAR registered agencies (including PR, Branding, Media and Design agencies as well as digital), the numbers when limited to agencies that list digital, search or PPC services on their RAR company bio, are even better. In this latter group Click jumps to 5th best agency in the North West and 14th best in the North. Overall, we’re extremely happy with our place and look forward to improving upon it for next years RAR top 100.

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