The Digital Olympics – closing ceremony

Aug 6th, 2021

With the Summer Olympics coming to a close, here at Click Consult, we thought we’d get into the spirit and share the results of our very own Digital Olympics. Over the last two weeks we wanted to find out which country is putting its best foot forward and sprinting towards victory when it comes to the world of digital.

Over three rounds, The Digital Olympics looked to discover the top digital businesses founded by country, the most digitally-savvy population, and the nations leading the way in investing in the future of digital.

So without further ado, let’s reflect on the events of the last two weeks and reveal the nation taking home gold!

First round – Top countries producing best-performing digital technology businesses

There are many countries producing some of the best performing digital technology companies, which is why we wanted to find out which country would be crowned the champion.

In the first round we set out to reveal which countries are home to the best performing digital technology companies. To do this we used the Forbes top 100 companies list to find out which country featured the most businesses. Other research was also undertaken and some interesting details revealed, including the fact that Facebook is still the most widely used social platform and that four out of the top five most popular search engines around the world are from the USA with the fifth being founded in China.

This round saw the USA take home the first gold, Japan came second and China third. Moving on to round two, we wanted to move away from businesses and find out more about the population.

Second round – The nations with the most online activity

Using secondary research looking into internet access, online spend and time spent on social media, we found out which nation is the most internet savvy.

As well as revealing which countries took home gold, silver and bronze, we also discovered that according to our data, Germany has the highest percentage of their population using the internet and India the lowest. When looking at the population spending the most online it appears that China ranks first and Canada tenth.

Overall the nations population leading the way as the most active online is the USA, with the UK taking silver and China taking bronze. For the final round we wanted to understand which nations were pathing the way for the future of tech.

Third round – Leading countries investing in digital technology

To discover which countries are investing in digital technology we used secondary research, taking the top-performing countries in four areas; AI, CyberSecurity, Digital Progress, and Cryptocurrency. We then scored between one and ten points for each ranking, depending on the position (ten points = first place).

In doing the research we discovered that Singapore ranks highly in three out of the four areas looked at, and Ukraine is leading the way in Cryptocurrency. In fact, much of the western world is lacking in Cryptocurrency ownership.

Taking home gold in our third and final round was the USA, with Singapore taking silver and China taking bronze.

The Closing Ceremony

That concludes all three rounds of Click Consult’s 2021 Digital Olympics and the standout winner is the USA, taking home all three gold medals! From these results, it’s clear that the USA is miles ahead of every other country when it comes to all things digital. With countless companies featuring in the Forbes top 100 digital companies list, 313.32 million users accessing the internet, and the only country to be investing in all four digital technology categories, it’s no surprise that the USA swooped in and fought off all competition.

China is raising their online game, finishing third in each round and snapping up three bronze medals. One area that China did beat the USA in, was the population spending the most money online. Finishing in third place is the UK, which is doing well in terms of online activity and investing in AI, but the UK will need to step up when it comes to other digital areas. Other nations do have quite a way to go if they wish to compete with the USA, but there are certainly other countries that are still digitally savvy, including Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the Netherlands, Germany, and the Philippines.

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