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Social Media Resources

So many social media platforms! So little time! Ever found yourself wondering whether you’ve managed to cover all the bases for each platform?

A good social media strategy is of increasing importance every year, and can deliver many benefits. Not only can you improve the quality and tone of your consumer interaction, you can also boost brand visibility, drive conversions and foster lasting relationships with consumers.


These resources, cover each of the major social media platforms, and should be all the assistance you need when designing, crafting and executing your brand’s social media strategy.


Click Consult has always been social. In its thirteen years it has seen social platforms come and go, and has been there to watch the development of the key mediums, always learning, always measuring, always changing. We’re experts. Now you can be.

Click Consult’s offers a host of resources, including:
• A Guide to Measuring Social Media Success – breaking down Google’s URL builder for any experience level.
• A Social Media Planner – helping you to make the most of your fantastic content.
• Two custom analytics dashboards, perfect for measuring paid and earned traffic from social.
• Social media checklist – to help make sure you’ve covered all the basics.
• Two easy to understand infographics, offering top tips to ensure your social media marketing is primed for results.
• A detailed walk through the process of marketing on Facebook.
• A social media cheat sheet with deep dives for each platform.
• A guide to social media advertising.

Social Outreach Resource Image

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Outreach

Beginner's Guide

Social outreach is about more than just amplification, it's about building relationships that will have lasting benefits for your brand. Find out how to do it.


A Marketer’s Guide to YouTube


Wondering whether to use YouTube as part of your content marketing strategy? Using it but looking for tips as to how to make the most of it? Look no further, this guide has all you need.


A Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn


How to make your voice heard on the world's biggest professional networking platform

Marketers guide to twitter ebook

A Marketer’s Guide to Twitter


69% of customers say they're likely to buy from a brand they follow on Twitter - here's how to grow your business on the platform


success with social sharing ebook

Success With Social Sharing


The power of sharing is what sets social media apart from other marketing channels - this eBook's packed with tips for success

Social media advertising eBook

Social Media Advertising – What Are The Options?


Exploring the paid opportunities to place your content in front of the audience that matters to you on social media


A Marketer’s Guide to Facebook


Consider Facebook the wrong platform for your brand? Never considered it, or lately lost your reach? Find out how to make the most of Facebook with this Click Consult eBook.


Social Media Toolkit


Are you looking to improve your social media performance? Give our social media toolkit a try and take your knowledge and performance to the next level.



Social Media Checklist


Featuring handy checklists for each major social media platform, you'll never again need to wonder if you have everything covered.