5 ‘Starting Steps’ to Facebook Advertising

When it come to search and digital marketing, one of the most commonly asked questions is around the topic of...

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Benchmark Confernce 2019 Blog Header

Benchmark Search & Digital Conference 2019 is only six months away!

You may or may not have noticed that the Benchmark conference site has been updating slowly over the last month,...

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Sabrina Garufi Benchmark 2018 Talk Summary

Marketing in the Age of Assistance – Sabrina Garufi’s Benchmark 2018 talk review

Beginning with an incredible example of the rise of the smart phone, Googler Garufi talked the Benchmark crowd through the...

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The Drum Supplement

Drumming up answers to your search marketing questions

In conjunction with the award-winning editorial team at The Drum, Click Consult has assembled a number of thought-leading articles, demonstrative...

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Local lad Alex moves mountains for Sherpas

Alex Staniforth is a young man who doesn’t believe in limitations – either for himself or for what can be...

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#MediaMonday – 10 Steps to CRO Success

If CRO isn’t integrated into your online marketing strategy, it’s likely that you’re leaving money on the table Conversion rate...

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#MediaMonday Guide to International Content Marketing

#MediaMonday – A Guide to International Content Marketing

International content marketing is all about identifying the right channels, platforms and the cultural identities of each nation. Our latest...

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media monday how to do social media

#MediaMonday – Our Video Guide To Social Media Platforms

Have you ever wondered which social media platform would work best for your business? Is Facebook for the young crowd...

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Social media content

How social media advertising works

Social media advertising is now a must for forward-looking firms. Although relatively new in the grand scheme of things, this...

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Social Media Success Story

How to create a social media success story

Social media. These two words are now firmly entrenched in the marketing lexicon. Although this web phenomenon may be relatively...

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How lost organic search visibility & how it should bounce back

Here at Click, we’re used to analysing the statistics of websites that have struggled with search engine visibility and identifying...

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Changes to phrase and exact match in Google AdWords

Changes To Phrase And Exact Match In Google AdWords

It’s been noted as ‘the end of exact match’ and ‘the biggest change to AdWords since enhanced campaigns’, by many...

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Secure sites receive boost from Google in SERPs

Secure Sites Receive Boost From Google In SERPs

"Security is, I would say, our top priority because for all the exciting things you will be able to do...

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BIMA 2014 Awards Click Consult Nomination

Click Consult’s (Not Provided) Count Tool nominated for 2014 BIMA Award

Click Consult is proud to announce that our (Not Provided) Count tool has been added to the shortlist for ‘Best...

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Google rolls out ‘Pigeon’ algorithm as organic search continues to change

Google rolls out ‘Pigeon’ algorithm as organic search continues to change

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss...

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